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October 11, 2003, Vol. V, Iss. 41

Oakie's NW Corner...

It's late! I'm late! For a very important date! Duchess and I have been catching up on personal business, horses and looking through old books, papers and things this wet, foggy, soggy, Fall week in NW Oklahoma. college Fall breaks starts next week.

We have also added a few more items to the 1917 NSN Ranger Album, such as.... Baseball | Track | List of Societies | List of Advertisers... BUT there is lots more to be added. Stay Tuned and bookmark the pages above.

Woods County Sun DialSandie at the Waynoka Museum & Historical Society is looking for history and location of where the Sun Dial used to stand on the Alva Downtown Square. Most have said that it was located on the West side of the square, West of the Fountain. I have looked in my Alva history book and found where the Old Courthouse was condemned around 1954 by the Fire Marshall and October 1, 1954 they were granted funds and approval to start building the New Courthouse that was completed in 1956 and still stands today. If anyone out there has any photos, history of the Sun Dial and/or Fountain, we would love to hear from you. (Click photo for larger view)

Another reader in the Mailbag Corner mentioned this week that she grew up with a Marjean Baker and was wondering if Kenneth Baker and Marjean were related. I went to my friend who knows just about everything there is to know about Old Alva... He says, "Kenneth and Marjean were brother and sister. Marjean Baker married a Dick McCrady. Marjean died.... don't know when and Dick married a Sneary."

Does anyone have any information on the family of Richard Hart whose father was head of Alva Roller Mills in the late 1920s-early 30s? Contact Barbara at E-mail:

It is that time of year when Oklahoma and Texas have their 98th Annual Red River Shootout, at the Texas State Fair in Dallas, Cotton Bowl. So... If you are traveling I35 this weekend, drive safely and watch out for the Celebrating OU/Texas fans heading to and from Dallas, Texas. See Y'all next weekend!

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Meet Ms. D (a.k.a Doquoti)
Essemar Horse Farm

Doquoti a.k.a. Ms. D

Yep! We have added another filly to our small herd of horses. Her name is Doquoti (pronounced Doe-Kow-te). She is about 4 months... AND... It was love at first sight!

Cindy, Lillie and George

Cindy, Lillie and George

Happy Birthday, Lou!
(My brother-in-law)
October 11th

Happy Birthday, David!
October 10th


Mailbag & Links Corner....

Richard Hart (Alva Roller Mills) and Kenneth & Marjean Baker... " I hope you don't mind if I repeat another request from time to time - I'm still trying to locate the family of Richard Hart whose father was head of Alva Roller Mills in the late 1920s-early 30s. If anyone knows, I'd really appreciate any info. My E-mail -- Just want to say I very much look forward to your weekly newsletter and do enjoy it! I'm interested in the piece about the fence around the now long-gone fountain and the little boy, Kenneth Baker. I had a little friend named Marjean Baker who lived up the street from me in Alva in about 1935. Don't know if there's any connection, but it would be interesting to hear if any of your readers know if they might have been related. Also, is there some way to find out the location in Albuquerque or the name of the person who has the fountain? You're doing great and all of us who enjoy the newsletter appreciate the work you put into it! It's a real service to those of us who no longer live in Alva but want to keep in touch with our heritage." -- Barbara - Email:
Eighth Grade Picture... " I am not sure, but it might be Gary Vincent. AHS '59." -- Steve
'55-'56 Eighth Grader... "It's NOT Gary Vincent. I dated Gary Vincent. He bought me a white orchid to wear on my black formal which I wore to the Rainbow Spring Formal where I was master of ceremonies, director, writer, producer, etc of the program ... and twenty other memories from that evening which leaped up ... Gary Vincent had a squarer face, reddish-blond hair, freckles.
Newsletter in book form... " Linda, I have enjoyed your newsletter for several years. The local color/history captures my attention. Are you going to compile all of this into a book someday? It would be helpful in our local libraries. Now, sometime come by the AHS Library and let me show you the old yearbooks and classbooks we have collected. I also have words to school songs, but no music. Need help with that." -- Kathy
Inquiry - McConnell of Woods County, Okla... "Ancestry Message Board Post: Woods County, Oklahoma -- Searching for information on Arthur McConnell of Woods County. Filed homestead claim early 1900 in Woods County. May have lived in Coffeyville, Kansas and Springfield, Illinois previously. Others in family at Coffeyville are John and Mary McConnell, Edward E. and Emma (Barrett) McConnell, George H. McConnell, and James McConnell. Family owned, " The Star Mills".
3rd-Great-Grandson of Belle Starr Writes Book... "Ancestry Message Board Post: My husband, Jackson, is a direct decendent of Belle Starr. He is her ggg-grandson. Belle was married four times: Jim Reed, Bruce Younger, Sam Starr and Jim July. She had 2 children: Rose Pearl Reed and Edwin Reed. Rose had 4 children: Flossie Pearl Epple, Ruth Kaigler, E. Erbach and Jennette Steele Andrews. Eddie was killed before he had children. Flossie Pearl Epple married Robert E Hutton who were parents of Flossie Mae Hutton Wiley-Cooke who is my husband's grandmother. Aurthor Phillip Steele has written a book called Starr Tracks, Belle and Peal Starr which he has documented the blood line."

Woods County Sun DialWoods County Fountain & Sundial... "I'm working on getting us a picture of the fountain. Do you know anything about the Court House Sun Dial, where it was located, etc.? It was loaned to our museum for years. The owner decided to sell it and gave us first chance. I am sending a digital photo of the old sun dial from the Woods County Courthouse. I hope some of your readers will remember its original location. " -- Sandie Olson, Waynoka Historical Society - 580-824-5871

Auction - Autographed by Vince Gill Guitar... "Please Forward To Anyone That May Be Interested -- Contact: Max Boydtun (918) 781-6114 - Autographed Vince Gill Guitar to benefit Muskogee Family -- Muskogee, OK (date) – Oklahoma Music Hall of Famer and winner of more CMA honors than anyone to date, Vince Gill is lending a hand to fellow musician Mike Davis of Muskogee. Gill signed two Martin guitars for silent auction so that the proceeds can benefit Davis’ five month-old granddaughter, Macy.
     “You never plan for something like this so I hope it will help Mike and his family,” Gill expressed by phone from his home in Nashville. Mike and Debbie Davis and their daughter, Sheena, have been struggling with Macy’s illness since her birth in May. She was born with a rare heart condition and received surgery to correct the ailment, but the surgery didn’t turn out the way doctors had hoped. In such a weakened condition, doctors felt a transplant was the only alternative. In August, she did receive a heart and she is now at home with her family.
     As with any procedure of this magnitude, the medical bills are staggering.      “It’s about musicians helping musicians,” said Max Boydstun, an artist relations liaison for the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame and long-time friend of Vince Gill. Mike Davis has been an Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame supporter and played banjo in the organization’s house band, so when Gill heard about the Davis family crisis from Boydstun, he immediately wanted to help out in a special way.
     The autographed Martin DM-18 and “The Little Martin” are on display at Citizens Bank & Trust at 325 W. Broadway. Each instrument has Vince Gill’s signature and a brass plate inscribed with the words “Wooden Angel,” a reference to Gill’s song “This Old Guitar & Me” off his latest album Next Big Thing. Bidding on these “wooden angels” starts Monday, October 6, at Citizen’s Bank & Trust at 325 W. Broadway in Muskogee. Telephone bids can be called in to Max Boydstun at (918) 781-6114.
     The Silent Auction will continue until 6:45 p.m. on November 20, the night of the 7th Annual Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony & Concert. The successful bidders will be announced at 7:00 p.m., just before the induction ceremony begins. Gill will be on hand to present the guitars as well as to induct his guitar mentor, Benny Garcia, into the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame.
     In addition to the silent auction proceeds, a benefit account has been established for Macy and Sheena Davis at Citizens Bank. IF.... you are interested in making a contribution to the fund, CONTACT Hollie Blankenship at (918) 683-2600, or visit any of the four Muskogee Citizens Bank locations.
     “The prayers and support from our community has been so uplifting,” said Mike Davis, owner of Square Deal Music and grandfather to little Macy. “I feel it a privilege to live in an area that cares so much.” For more information about the Silent Auction, please CONTACT Max Boydstun at (918) 781-6114.
     The 2003 class of Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame inductees includes Ronnie Dunn, Benny Garcia, D.C. Minner, Flash Terry, John Wooley and Lee Wiley. Garcia, Minner, and Terry will open the November 20th concert; a short intermission will follow and then Brooks & Dunn will take the stage. Sponsors for the 7th Annual Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony & Concert include Love Bottling, The News on Six, The All New Country 102.1, Cherokee Casino, OGE, Arista Records, Bank of Oklahoma, The Tulsa World and Muskogee Convention & Tourism. For more information, log on to ...
Sun Dial on Alva Square... "It seems to me that the sundial was between the west side of the old court house and the goldfish pond. Thats about a 50 year old guess, so don't hold me to it."
American Flyers Memorial... "Linda --You are doing a great job on the site. This is said to be a picture of the Electra L-188 that crashed April 22, 1966. A picture of it was on the original AFlyers website but it was pretty rough. I reworked it a couple of years ago so it is in better shape than before. The original picture was furnished to Butch by Douglas Gray, son of Charles Gray, flight engineer, who was killed in the crash. I believe Doug told Butch it was the one that crashed (N183H) but the numbers on the fuselage as I read them when enlarged seem to be 224 so I don't know for sure. The Gray's were our next door neighbor and Tony Pica, also killed, had lived across the street from us earlier but had moved elsewhere when the crash occurred." -- Gary
Red River Shootout... OU vs. Texas Football Rivalry (98th meeting) -- | Star-Telegram | Red River Shootout May Leave Dallas - Annual grudge match between Texas and Oklahoma could become home-and-home series. According to an article dated, Oct. 4, 2003, DALLAS (AP) -- "The city of Dallas reportedly has until November to raise hundred of thousands of dollars or risk losing the annual grudge match between the University of Texas and University of Oklahoma held at the Cotton Bowl each year during the State Fair. The schools are threatening to pull out of their contract with the State Fair of Texas and go home-and-home if the city, the State Fair and other private groups fail to come up with the money to keep the Longhorns-Sooners classic in Dallas." | Sooner Information Network | Red River Shootout enjoying another heyday by Jaime Aron
The Associated Press
-- ".....When the No. 2 Sooners and No. 3 Longhorns play Saturday, it will be the third straight time both have come in ranked among the top 11 teams in the country. It's the second time in a row both are ranked in the top five, a feat that's unprecedented in the rivalry's long history. ..... Texas and Oklahoma have met in Dallas every October since 1929, rather than Austin or Norman. Each time, they've played inside the Cotton Bowl with the State Fair of Texas going on outside the stadium....."

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